Saturday, December 4, 2010

Long Time No See

its been almost 2 month i'm never update my blog.
sorry guys coz i don't feel very likely to write something.
maybe coz i'm too lazy or nothing to write about.
but from now and after, i'll try to fill up my page with information and stuff. (stuff?? maybe).
i'm not a good writer and also not good in English. so, help me up ok :-)

this is my first note after October i think and maybe a 2nd in this year hehheee...very lazy don't i??
now 4.12.2010, 11.28 p.m and now i'm at Hospital Kuala Lumpur.
do you know why i'm here?
i will story about it later on ok. (don't be mad my fellas :-)..)
because know i want to story about my new life.
new environment, new friends, new new..hehe
i'm just change my collage actually.
from Technology Park Malaysia Collage to University Kuala Lumpur.

ok that's all information about myself since last time i'm update it.
later i will story about my life at UniKL ok.
oh i forgot, my keyboard has a problem. so that why i don't like to write too much
(good reason hehehe)
see yaa...


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